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Bring Your Website Visitors Back With Retargeting (Video)

In a previous video I explained how digital Display Advertising helps drive more new visitors every month to a company’s website for conversion into new customers, patients or clients.

Retargeting is the perfect complement to display advertising because it allows you to continue showing digital ads to visitors after they leave your site.

Retargeting solves the one big problem ALL companies have with their websites -

93% of their visitors leave without engaging.

They find your website somehow, maybe take a quick look around, then leave.

Your phone doesn’t ring, your Contact Us form doesn’t get filled out, and no emails are sent. Your visitors just disappear.

When prospects visit your website and “bounce” like this, you’re losing valuable conversion opportunities.

Most of them won’t return and will end up later choosing one of your competitors to do business with instead.

This is particularly true for consumers with longer buying cycles:

This is a typical consumer buying cycle, aka customer journey.

For major decisions like buying a new vehicle, looking for a new physician, or purchasing a new home, some journeys can take as long as 90 days or more.

Many of your visitors bounce because they simply haven’t finished doing their research yet.

This is where retargeting comes in.

Retargeting helps keep your company top of mind while those prospects are still in their buying cycles.

Retargeting lets you show them clickable ads that send them back to your website for yet another opportunity to convert them into new customers.

A retargeting ad campaign keeps your company’s brand right in front of them until they’re ready to make a decision, and it uses the same image and video ad creative that other types of digital campaigns use.

Retargeting can publish your ads not only on top-tier, high-traffic sites like the Weather Channel, WebMD, Fox News, the History Channel, ESPN and CNN, but on practically any website your prospects like to visit.

Retargeting, then, is the missing piece to the 93% website bounce rate problem.

It wasn’t that long ago when only large companies with millions of dollars in ad spend could afford to use it.

No more. Today, retargeting costs have dropped dramatically, bringing it within reach of even smaller local businesses.

Here’s how retargeting works:

First, you add a small piece of invisible retargeting code to your website.

Then, when new visitors arrive at your site, that code tags their web browsers with a little file called a “cookie”.

This cookie identifies those prospects as being previous visitors to your website.

When those prospects leave your site, your company’s cookie goes with them. As they visit their favorite websites around the web, the cookie triggers ad networks to display your ads while they’re on those sites.

Clicking your ad takes them back to your website’s homepage, Contact Us page, or maybe even a landing page you’ve set up with a special offer.

By itself, retargeting can help convert as much as 50% more of your overall traffic into new paying customers you might have otherwise lost.

And because retargeting is inexpensive, it can help lower your average customer acquisition cost.

When you combine display advertising that drives more new visitors to your website every month…

…with retargeting that lets you continue advertising to them after they’ve left…

…you’ve built a powerful and effective online marketing system that will give  your business a distinct advantage over all your competitors.

Small-to-medium sized businesses can now use the same retargeting strategy that only the largest companies could afford to use before.

Ask your digital marketing consultant today to put one together for you. 



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