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Canady for Congress Digital Ad Campaign

I was hired to run both cold outreach and warm retargeting digital display ad campaigns for Judge Sarah Canady's candidacy for the 15th U.S. Congressional district seat. 

The ad campaigns ran from Feb. 14 - Mar. 1, 2022.

Sarah's campaign manager wanted to target older voters who were most likely to vote in the Republican primary, so I set up 7 cold marketing campaigns that targeted voters in each of the 7 counties in District 15 using these demographic filters:

The counties shaded green are the 7 counties in District 15 in which the ads ran.

Cold ad impressions were delivered to smartphone and tablet mobile devices; warm retargeting impressions were delivered to mobile devices and desktops / laptops. The ads appeared on webpages and mobile apps for people who fit the demographic profile and lived within the targeted zip codes.  

Below are the banner ads I created for both campaigns. Each time an ad was clicked it sent the viewer to the Canady campaign's website to learn more about Sara and contribute to her campaign.

Below is the ad campaigns' performance (cold outreach and warm retargeting campaigns combined):

Results: 92,352 ad impressions delivered, 741 clicks (0.80% overall CTR), on a budget under $2,000.  

Ultimately, Judge Canady didn't win this primary election but did finish in a respectable third place, considering that her top two competitors outspent her modest bootstrap campaign by hundreds of thousands of dollars.



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