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Insurance is a vitally important service that individuals, families and businesses need. With the right digital marketing strategies, you can raise awareness and attract more new clients to your insurance agency. One proven way to reach a larger audience and attract more potential clients is through online banner advertising using targeted demographics.
Banner ads are a form of display advertising that promotes your company on other websites. Banner ads come in up to 23 different shapes and sizes, and can be static images, animated graphics, and even video. Each time your ad is shown counts as 1 impression. People who click on your ads are automatically redirected to your website for further engagement and conversion.

If you spend any amount of time online or using smartphone apps, you've seen them...
Banner ads like these can be published on websites and mobile apps.
Benefits of Online Banner Advertising
Reach A Larger Audience
Banner ads on high-traffic websites allow you to reach a larger audience than more traditional forms  of advertising. You can also publish your ads on smaller local community websites that your prospects visit regularly.
Increase Brand Awareness
Banner ad campaigns help boost "top of mind" brand awareness and build credibility for your agency. Prospects who see your ads are more likely to trust your expertise and reach out for more information about your services.
Target Key Demographics
Banner advertising lets you target specific demographic factors such as location, age, income, home ownership and more, increasing the likelihood of attracting only the best qualified leads to your independent agency.
Stand Out From The Crowd
In a crowded insurance market, banner ad campaigns can help boost your agency's visibility to compete with both local and digital insurance providers like Lemonade, Root, Esurance, and Oscar 

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You can advertise your estate planning services on major websites like these, or on local community websites.

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Popular High-Traffic Websites

You can send more monthly traffic to your agency's website by publishing your ads on major high-traffic sites like USA Today, Fox News, Wall Street Journal,  CNN, WebMD, History Channel, and even the New York Times. 

Tip: You can limit showing your ads to only those website visitors located in your geographic or licensed service areas.

Local Community Websites

Many people visit local TV station, radio station, and newspaper websites daily to get their news, weather, and to read about items of local interest. Your banner ads running on those sites will help boost your agency's visibility and brand locally.

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