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Why Use Retargeting?

Retargeting brings many of your recent website visitors back for another chance at conversion.

Because 95% of all visitors to your website or blog leave without contacting you. Ouch. That's a lot of potential new business lost every month.

Why so many? People aren't always ready to buy when they visit your company's website. Prospective clients are researching their options online before making their final pick, and that takes time.

Retargeting automatically "tags" all of your visitors' browsers and lets you show digital ads to them online for up to 90 days as they visit their favorite spots on the web.

Instead of risking them forgetting about you, retargeting keeps your business top-of-mind until they're ready to make their final choice - you.

Four Facts About Retargeting

Retargeting lets you advertise on 90% of the websites that accept advertising.

It's Big Advantage

Retargeting lets you continue advertising to "warm" leads as they surf 90% of the web. You can't do this with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other pay-per-click (PPC) platforms.

Keep top-of-mind awareness in your prospects using retargeting.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

In a crowded market, potential clients can easily get confused between all the available choices. Retargeting helps keep your business first and foremost in their minds. 

Boost your sales with retargeting.

Higher Conversions

New prospects who see your retargeting ads multiple times when they're online are up to 70% more likely to return to your website and convert into new paying clients.

Start retargeting with your own business before your competitors figure it out too.

Insider Strategy

Less than 15% of all companies use retargeting today, so now is the right time to apply this powerful marketing strategy. Compete and win at a higher level in your own local market.



About My Beta Programs

Digital marketing for everyone.

Over the last decade, the internet completely leveled the online playing field for companies of all sizes everywhere. High-powered marketing strategies and tools that only large companies could afford have now become available to small-to-medium sized businesses too. Today, even local SMBs with smaller budgets can compete online - and win - against big companies with more marketing spend.

With this in mind, I began offering limited-time "beta programs" in 2015 to help more companies take advantage of these new technologies. It's also how I'm helping local businesses regain some of the traction they lost during the COVID-19 economic downturn. There is no cost to join these programs.

Beta members get early access to new, powerful marketing tools and strategies at significant discounts before I offer them to the general public at full retail price. 
I underwrite ALL production costs for each beta program and, in return, ask members to: 1) simply cover any optimization and syndication costs; 2) refer me to 3 other businesses who might also want to participate; and 3) provide some feedback on their beta experience.

These beta programs typically aren't open for long and the number of openings is limited, so we strongly encourage those interested to move quickly to secure their spots.  Send an email to   to get on our betas list, and you'll be among the first to hear about new programs as I introduce them in the future.

I Listen To What My Clients Say…
My Clients Matter Most

Nicole B.

Steve has been a great help with our internet program and very patient with all my questions. He cares about our success.

Dennis is one of NetCentricity's happy clients.

Dennis S.

Netcentricity and Steve Houston - excellent customer service, has helped build our cabling business through social media and a great new website...Highly recommend!

Mitchell also enjoys what NetCentricity has done for his company.

Mitchell A.

NetCentricity and Mr. Houston have done a great job in helping us setup the Cool Crest Miniature Golf website as well as getting all the right connections on the web pointing towards our NetCentricity and start taking advantage of his expertise!

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