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Don't let your valuable visitors just disappear.

Keep advertising to them after they're gone.


Re-Target Your Website Visitors And
Convert More Of Them Into New Clients

Why Use Retargeting?

Because 95% of all visitors to your website or blog leave without ever contacting you.

Selecting the right legal professional can be a real challenge, especially when there are many local law firms to choose from. Your prospective clients today are researching their choices online before making their final pick - and that can take time.

Retargeting automatically "tags" 100% of your website visitors, allowing you to show digital ads to them online for up to 90 days as they continue doing their research and surfing the web.

Instead of running the risk of them forgetting you, retargeting keeps your practice top-of-mind until they're ready to choose.

Four Facts About Retargeting

The Big Advantage

Retargeting lets you continue advertising to "warm" leads who have visited your firm's website. You can't do this with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other pay-per-click platforms.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

In a crowded market potential legal clients can easily become confused by all the available choices. Retargeting helps keep your practice first and foremost in their minds. 

Highly Effective

New prospects who see your retargeting ads multiple times when they're online are 70% more likely to return to your website and convert into new paying legal clients.

Little-Known Edge

Less than 15% of all legal firms use retargeting today, so now is the right time to apply this powerful marketing strategy and compete at a higher level in your own local market.


A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency In San Antonio

With years of experience in everything from driving cold website traffic, to producing compelling video content, to building 5-star online reputations, our results-driven approach to marketing can make a difference in any law firm in as little as a few days or weeks.

We know how hard it can be for many local practices to build an effective digital marketing program that more than pays for itself. That's why we keep up with all of it - just so you don't have to.

We can help you find new prospects and engage with them, all without wasting your valuable time or resources. Let us help find new future clients so you can focus instead on running a great legal practice. Isn't that challenging enough?

NetCentricity IS Internet Marketing.



We Listen To What Our Clients Say…
Because It’s Our Clients That Matter Most

Mitchell also enjoys what NetCentricity has done for his company.

Mitchell A.

NetCentricity and Mr. Houston have done a great job in helping us setup the Cool Crest Miniature Golf website as well as getting all the right connections on the web pointing towards our NetCentricity and start taking advantage of his expertise!

Nicole B.

Steve has been a great help with our internet program and very patient with all my questions. He cares about our success.

Dennis is one of NetCentricity's happy clients.

Dennis S.

Netcentricity and Steve Houston - excellent customer service, has helped build our cabling business through social media and a great new website...Highly recommend!

Debunking Some Legal Marketing Myths

I already have a great website so I don't need anything else.

Remember those 95% of your website visitors who leave without ever
contacting you? You're letting a
lot of new prospective clients abandon you for your competitors. Retargeting is a great opportunity for you to re-engage with them before they make their final attorney selection.

Retargeting is too expensive.

That may have been true before but not anymore. Today, retargeting and other powerful online marketing strategies are now within the financial reach of legal firms of practically every size. In fact, if you are already using a pay-per-click ad platform like Google or Facebook, adding retargeting to the mix can cut your overall digital traffic costs by almost half.

I get all of my new clients through referrals.

That's great until you consider the fact that 90% of those referrals still go online to research you and visit your law firm's website. Why not tag their browsers with a "cookie" file that lets you keep showing them your digital ads while they complete their buying decision? Don't allow your practice to be "out of sight, out of mind".

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